Please "Click Here " for a copy of
The Establishment Of Fees
for the St. Petersburg Water Co. &
 Sewer bills effective on February 2nd 2016.

NOTICE:  The Saint Petersburg / Richland Township Regional Sewer Authority at their April 25th,  2016  meeting voted to raise the base rate for sewage to $36.00 per month due to rising cost due to Insurance, Maintenance, General upkeep  and Debt Repayment of the system.   This decision was not taken lightly by the Sewer Authority  and was needed to ensure the longevity of the sewer system for the future.

           Customers may or not be aware of the outstanding debt owed on the system of approximately $655,000.00 dollars. This works out to yearly mandated payment of approximately $32,000.00 each year for the next 20 years.  
          Customers that have any questions on the system may contact the Sewer Authority Office @  724.659.1116 or attend a  Saint Petersburg / Richland Township Regional Sewer Authority Meeting held on the 4th Monday of each month at the Saint Petersburg Boro Building at 7PM.  Thank you for your understanding.